Shout it Out

Written on 11/18/2021
Robbi Shumaker

We ought to be shouting things like this, daily!

  • My God reigns!

  • He has put a fresh and new anointing on me!

  • He has given me a tongue of wisdom and power!

  • He has re-FIRED me with His presence and glory!

  • He has filled me with the fulness of Him, resulting in unprecedented notable miracles wherever I go!

  • I live and operate daily in the unlimited power of the Holy Spirit of God!

  • I have weapons that are not carnal, but mighty through God to the tearing down of strongholds!

  • To the tearing down of the plots and plans of the devil!

  • To the tearing down of the evil in this Nation!

  • God is not finished with America! We will rise to the Nation we were birthed by God to be!

  • Blessed is the Nation whose God is Lord … and that is the United States of America!

  • We WILL fulfill our destiny as a Christian Nation!

  • We WILL see billions brought into the Kingdom of God!

  • We WILL see countless miracles!

  • We WILL see a Revival of the Presence of God that will re-write this world, all for His glory!