God Never Lies

Written on 01/16/2022
Tim Sheets

God Never Lies, by Tim Sheets (video posted on YouTube on 1/16/22)

Tim recently heard the Lord say, “My ecclesia and my remnant have now entered the season of our follow through.”

In July 2020, Tim heard the Lord say very boldly and very emphatically …

“I will now re-introduce Holy Spirit to the world. He will function in visible leadership of my ecclesia, in world-wide ways and with explosive power.

My sons and daughters will now move to new levels of the dominion mandate. New and unadulterated authority will be seen in visible ways, as Holy Spirit activates divine strategies and divisions of angel armies to reinforce those strategies, assist my heirs, and implement my kingdom government. A new Pentecost outpouring will be poured upon the earth and everything in my kingdom will accelerate. Revival will come. Awakening will come. I will have my harvest.”

Tim continues …

We will see, because of this rising ecclesia, and this radical remnant, we will see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that he has promised.

We will see, like Acts chapter 2 an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is like Acts 2, only greater. Far greater. We will see power from on high being poured out now. Greater power than the church has ever seen … ever, ever, ever.

The ecclesia will now function in spiritual governing authority that does effect earths government. And this year we’re going to accelerate into that kind of spiritual government in ways we have not done before.

Decree …

  • America is going to be saved.
  • Angel armies will be seen assisting that function.
  • This world is now going to see our great God means exactly what He says.
  • Numbers 23:19, the Voice translation … God is not a man—He doesn’t lie. God isn’t the son of a man to want to take back what He’s said, or say something and not follow through, or speak and not act on it.
  • God is going to follow through. He’s going to act on what He said. And He never lies.
  • God is laser focused and He always follows through.

God is declaring to His people You are now moving into, the follow through season.

  • 2022 is a follow through year.
  • The ecclesia is here to do the Kings business. Whatever He says.
  • We are moving into a supernatural season of promises fulfilled. One after the other after the other.
  • I stretch my faith and believe that … this is my time for promises to be followed through on in my life and in my families life.
  • My God is following through on what He has said to me, and He never lies.
  • My faith decrees, my faith declares, all things are possible to those who believe. He never lies.
  • My faith declares, He took stripes upon His back so that I could be healed of sickness and disease. He never lies.
  • My faith declares whatever I ask in faith believing, in the Name of Jesus, my Father is going to do it. He never lies.
  • My whole household is going to be saved. He never lies.
  • My faith decrees, I will always triumph in Christ Jesus. He never lies.
  • My faith declares, everything I do in the perimeters of His will and in the perimeters of His word, is going to prosper. He never lies.
  • My faith declares, there is not a weapon of hell or anybody else that can prosper against me. He never lies.
  • My faith declares, I may pass through deep waters, but no harm is coming to me, because He never lies.
  • There is no plague coming near my household in Jesus’ name. No Covid, no whatever they’re going to call the next one, or the next one. It’s not coming to my house. He never lies.
  • God is going to follow through on everything that He said to us individually … everything He said to us corporately.
  • He’s going to follow through on the corporate words that He has given to the church, that He has given through the prophets. He hasn’t changed His mind. He is going to act on what He has said to this Nation. And He never lies.
  • This is the time when bold, radical, remnant warriors have got to stand up and say ... I am about the Kings business. I will declare what He says. I will do it His way. I will believe everything He says whether I see it.
  • America is going to be saved. He never lies.
  • Healings and miracles are going to go to another level. He never lies. That’s His promise.
  • It’s time to get some bold faith rising. It’s time to believe. He never lies.

Right now …

  • I declare the word of healing into a nation that has been ravaged by disease.
  • I receive healing, the covenant is for me. God doesn’t lie. Deliverance is for me. He never lies.
  • Prosperity is for me. He sets me free. He never lies.
  • I am declaring my faith right now is ... He never lies.
  • I rise up and radically state ... I believe what God says, and He never lies.
  • The church, the ecclesia is going to be the most influential body on this earth. We are going to see the greatest revival ever. He never lies. Never.
  • We will see cripples run. He never lies.
  • There is victory. He never lies. There is deliverance. He never lies. There’s healing. He never lies.
  • You’ve made so many promises to us Lord, and I believe you remember every one of them. You remember exactly how you said them. And you promised You are going to follow through.

We declare Lord …

  • These next 60 days, are days of supernatural follow through for this Nation, for Your ecclesia’s, and for Your remnant. They all three Lord will experience in supernatural ways, the God who follows through.
  • We declare ... we trust the God of follow through, to follow through.
  • Everything is shifting. It will not go back. And Lord, our desire is to ride the river. Take us wherever you want. You’re in charge. Hallelujah. Amen

Tim finishes with this …

There are some things happening, I feel in the spirit realm, for signs and wonders and miracles that are being broken loose. The enemy tried to put a lid on it in the body of Christ, and that lid’s coming off. It’s way past time that we wake up to that.

A simple message, but one that will change everything – He never lies. Declare it everywhere. Believe it. Yell it in the face of the devil. He never lies.

God Never Lies, by Tim Sheets

Video posted on YouTube on 1/16/22