River of God

Written on 11/08/2021
Tim Sheets

The following prophetic decrees came from Tim Sheets.

Allow agreement from your heart and an expression of your voice, releasing your faith!

We declare …

  • The river of God will flow through this apostolate.
  • It will flow into this region.
  • Streams will branch every which way. Other streams will flow into it.
  • It will not be stopped. It will not be dammed up.
  • This river will provide LIFE all around.
  • Everywhere it touches … LIFE, LIFE, LIFE.
  • We align ourselves when we decree … yes, BE … BE in Jesus’ name.
  • River of God BE and FLOW!
  • Flow deep, flow wide, flow in power. FLOW!
  • Flow towards the next hub, and the next hub, and the next hub.

We decree Lord what you said …

  • We set ourselves in agreement with your word from your throne in heaven.
  • Let the river FLOW.
  • The river of the Spirit of God, flow throughout this entire earth.
  • Let it flow in such power that its force through the powerplants, dominate demon powers.
  • Dominate rulers of darkness. Dominate principalities.
  • Dominate rulers of darkness that are lying spirits … subduing the evil.

We declare in Jesus’ name …

  • The river of God be loosed on planet earth.
  • Just as You have promised, and now are saying “BE” to.
  • We align ourselves with what you God have said “BE” to.
  • It’s time for the Spirit River to FLOW!
  • Let it flow in such a way that every life that comes into this region is affected by the flow of the river of Holy Spirit, the river of God.

We declare Lord …

  • There is no power of government. There is no power in the natural realm or dark spirit realm, that can stop this.
  • Its force will rip every dam up. It will blast through all debris. It’s unstoppable.
  • And life is going to spring up all around – all of these ecclesia’s, all around the world.
  • It will produce Lord, on the earth, exactly what you say it will.

And we decree …

  • LIFE will be produced in this region at a level never seen before of the Kingdom of God.
  • KINGDOM LIFE will explode and grow.
  • And all these promises, all the declarations, all the decrees that we have stored up ...
  • They’re going to be watered, and watered well … and they’re going to produce.
  • MIRACLES are going to be produced. They’re going to grow everywhere.
  • MIRACLE CURES, they’re coming to life.

We decree what you say Lord …

  • And this ecclesia sets ourselves in agreement with it.
  • Our lips will not transgress this.
  • We decree from this day forward … THE RIVER FLOWS! And it flows through here.
  • And it will get deeper and deeper, and deeper and deeper. Wider, and wider, and wider.
  • Its currents more and more powerful.
  • We invite the river of the Spiritual Kingdom of Almighty God.
  • FLOW through this ecclesia. FLOW through this place. FLOW through the whole world!
  • FLOW! EVERYTHING LIVES where the river flows!
  • We declare this Lord, in Jesus’ name!

Information Tim Sheets shared before the prophetic decree ...

It’s time for the greatest flow of the River of God, not just in a place, but around the world. Unstoppable and unbroken. It’s time!

Now, as heirs and as this ecclesia, lets align ourselves.

Let’s align this ecclesia and our words for this prophetic voice, (this prophetic decree that God has given to Tim Sheets, posted Nov 7, 2021).

We are to decree the word of the Lord that shapes the earth! Shaping government, cultures, schools, laws, regulations, codes of conduct (Isaiah 51:16) … subduing evil, subduing demon activity, subduing false doctrines, subduing principalities and powers, subduing the dark rulers of this age, or the present rulers of this age who are ruling in darkness, subduing lying spirits and those that those lying spirits are using.

We are those who are called to exercise dominion! So, we have been given a dominion mandate.

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