Blood of Jesus

Written on 04/24/2020
Robbi Shumaker

Do you ever stop to think how powerful the Blood of Jesus is? Do you know that His Blood carries all the Power and Life that is in Jesus?

When we, as children of God, speak the “Blood of Jesus” in faith, we are bringing all the creative Life Force of the universe and of Heaven, to bear up against Satan and all his evil and darkness.

I could go on and on about the powerful Blood of Jesus, that at the Cross, destroyed all the works of Satan!

And, when we open our mouth and release our faith in this precious Blood of Jesus, it’s as if we are walking through the open door to the manifest presence of Jesus, allowing the Life Force in His Blood to manifest the FINISHED work of the Cross! 

Now, let's combine this “explosion of power” with the power that we know is in a prayer of agreement.

Wow! Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

My desire is that many will find this Daily Boost and declare this Blood of Jesus prayer today!

Think of the significance and impact of many blood-bought children of God, coming together in agreement and releasing our faith over our great nation and all the people!

Let’s do this Church and just watch what our awesome God will do as we plead the Blood of His precious Son, against all of Satan’s evil: works, plans, maneuvers, and darkness … bringing them to nothingness, in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Hallelujah!

Pray the Blood of Jesus Over Our Nation

Father God, as I apply the Blood of Jesus through prayer, I stand on, activate, and expect the Covenant promises of Your Word, made available to us, through the Blood of Jesus!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, I cover all of America, our leaders, our armed forces, all men and women on the front lines during this pandemic, and all people including my family and myself, with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I apply the Blood of Jesus to us - spirit, soul, and body - receiving into our lives, the Resurrection Power and Life that is in that Blood.

I apply the Blood of Jesus to our spiritual hearing, the work of our hands, our walk with you God, and every aspect of our lives (Leviticus 14:14).

I apply the Blood of Jesus as a border of protection around our Nation, the finances of our Nation, the decisions concerning our Nation, and all the people.

By the power of Jesus’ Blood, I break off every power of the kingdom of darkness and I cancel every assignment and every maneuver of the devil against America, the people, our finances, our households, and our entire lives.

No sickness, disease, virus or evil will come near us, and every attack and maneuver of the enemy (whether devil’s or evil men and women), is spoiled. Every plan and purpose of the enemy is destroyed RIGHT NOW in Jesus’ Name!

The Blood of Jesus is against you Satan and all your evil spirits, and I declare to you in the Name of Jesus that you have no authority over America (whose God is the Lord) … no authority over our leaders, or any of God’s people.

According to Matthew 18:18, I bind you from operating against us in any way. Our lives are hidden in Christ. You have no power to bring any part of the curse upon us.

As born-again children of God, we take our stand as the redeemed of the Lord - TOTALLY redeemed from every part of the curse. So you must flee now Satan! We take our place in God and we resist you in Jesus Name.

I call forth, in the Name of Jesus, all of God’s plans and purposes for America and the people. I call all the lost into the kingdom of our Lord. I claim them for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I call forth repentance and healing for all people. I declare by faith that we obey the voice of God and we walk in the fullness of His Wisdom, His Love, and His mighty Presence and Power.

I pray the Blood of Jesus over us as a covering and protection against every: evil word, evil person, evil spirit, evil plan of the devil and every evil thing. I pray that every distraction the enemy tries to stir up is drawn away by the Wind of the Holy Spirit.

I pray the Spirit of the Lord will silence every tongue that would even attempt to rise up against our president and any of God’s people. And, I pray the Spirit of the Lord will silence every tongue that speaks contrary to the plans and perfect will of God in our nation and in our lives.

I rebuke all words spoken against us. I rebuke all bad seeds sown. I break the curse and the power of those words and seeds. The Blood of Jesus is against them. They will not produce a harvest, and they will not prosper in our lives. No weapon formed against us will prosper.

I thank You Lord for your protection and for Your blessing upon America, the leaders, and all the people. I praise You, and I give You all the Glory Father ... in Jesus Mighty Name!  Amen!