Written on 04/20/2020
Robbi Shumaker

Let’s talk about healing today. Maybe you or someone you know has been believing for healing. Well, I think it’s time to receive! And I’m sure you agree!

God says in His Word in 1 Peter 2:24, that by the stripes of Jesus you are ALREADY healed! You may be asking, “Then where’s my healing?”

Well, it’s already been provided by God. It’s already been purchased for you at Calvary with Jesus’ precious blood. So obviously there’s no more that God has to do. Who does that leave?

You guessed it ... you.

So, you have to learn how to receive what has already been purchased and provided for you.

How do you do that?

Align your faith with God’s healing Word.

Release your faith.

And then EXPECT that Word to come to pass in your body.

How do you align your faith with His healing Word? How do you release your faith?

First of all, you have to know what God says in His Word. We can’t have faith in something we don’t even know exists.  And I’ve helped you out by putting some healing scriptures at the bottom of this message (personalized).

We know that Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.”

So, you need to speak the Word of God until your faith rises up! And as you are speaking, you are releasing your faith.

And can I tell you a little secret? This really isn’t as difficult as you may think. And, it’s not going to take 10 years either.

Just simply believe that what Jesus did for you on the Cross ALREADY belongs to you. Trust not only in the Word of God, but also in the person God. If He said it, it’s settled. If He promised it to you, it already belongs to you.

If you’ll spend some time speaking God’s healing Word over your body with a grateful heart that says, “Hey, this is already mine and I’m just going to praise God that by the stripes of Jesus I’m already healed,” then it won’t be long before you see your answer.

Remember we aren’t speaking the Word of God to make our answer happen. It already has happened. We speak the Word to get our faith lined up with the Word, so we can receive the results of that Word.

And don’t be concerned if you think your faith isn’t “big enough” to move your mountain the first time you speak it, because really, your faith is big enough! You’ve probably just been trying to get something to happen, that already has happened.

Simply receive God’s healing Word as already belonging to you. Simply receive your miracle as finished, settled in heaven and earth, and yes in your body - NOW!  

Tell that body of yours, “Hey, you’re already healed by the stripes of Jesus.”  Then relax! God is faithful. And His Word never fails.

Now, I want to share a story that I think will help you.

I watched a video a while back from a man named David Horton. He tells the story of when he was young, still living at home. He tells of a pretty wild encounter he had one day.

He was walking through his house and found his dad lying flat out on the living room floor, not moving, not breathing. Clearly dead.

He yelled to his mother who was doing dishes. He said, “Mom, I think dad croaketh” (his words, really).

So, his mother took her time but soon came into the living room. She looked at her husband on the ground and said, “Yeah, he looks dead.” 

Very calmly, she proceeded to tell him something like this. “Hey Doc Horton. You’re not getting out of this (talking about ministry) that easy. You come back here now, in the name of Jesus.”

She then said to her son David as she turned to walk back into the kitchen, “He’ll be back.” And sure enough, in just a few moments, he did come back!

Her faith was simple. She trusted God. She didn’t try to make something happen that already belonged to her and her husband. She just simply released her faith and went on with her dishes.

We can learn something amazing from this.

Healing is easy. Don’t complicate it. It’s already been paid for. It already belongs to you. Use the word of God to release your faith. Then go do the dishes. 😊

Here’s your personalized scripture promises from God’s word. Go ahead and start thanking and praising God for them now! It won’t be long before faith rises up and you see the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Psalm 91:16 … With long life God satisfies me, and shows me His salvation (deliverance, healing, health, wholeness, help, prosperity, victory, preservation, safety, and rescue from danger).

Psalm 103:3, 5 … God has forgiven all of my iniquities, healed all of my diseases. My youth is renewed like the eagles.

Isaiah 53:4-5 … Jesus bore my sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses. He carried my sorrows and pains. He was wounded for my transgressions; bruised for my guilt and iniquities, and with His stripes I am healed and whole.

Jeremiah 30:17, Matthew 19:26 … God has restored health unto me and has healed my wounds. With God, all things are possible.

Mark 11:23-25, Isaiah 53:4,5, 1 Peter 2:24, 2 Timothy 1:7 … If I say to the mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' and I do not doubt in my heart, but I believe those things I say will be done, I will have whatever I say. Therefore I say and believe that I am healed and whole. I walk in divine health and peace. I am free from all fear, all the days of my life. I forgive everyone who has ever done anything against me, so that God may forgive my sins.

1 Peter 2:24 … By Jesus Stripes I am already healed and whole.  I receive this health and wholeness in my body NOW!