Still Reason to Celebrate

Written on 04/12/2020
Robbi Shumaker

The amazing story of Jesus’ resurrection that we tell at Easter can sometimes sound like we’ve given a neat and tidy ending to a really challenging story. We share the details that led Jesus to the cross and then we nicely end our stories when we say, (and rightfully so), “Jesus raised from the dead! He’s alive! Hallelujah!”

But Easter is not the end of the story. It’s actually a new beginning! And I hope we can view it as that this very day.

The story that unfolds after the Resurrection of Jesus … from His Ascension into Heaven, to Pentecost, and beyond, are all equally powerful and worthy of celebration.

Concerning the Ascension, we celebrate Christ returning to God the Father.

Concerning Pentecost, we celebrate Jesus sending us his Holy Spirit, and then the birth of the Church.

But, there’s a reason to continue the celebration because the story of Jesus’ resurrection is still unfolding, 2000 years later.

When we received our salvation, we received the precious Sprit of God who would come and abide in us forever.

When we received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we received miraculous power, ability, efficiency, and might. All from God! Wow!

These amazing, miraculous encounters (salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit) also lead us deeper into the knowledge and love of God.

They allow us to enter the place described in Ephesians 3:19 as, “filled through all our being with all the fullness of God, having the richest measure of the divine Presence, and becoming a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself.”


And, if that isn’t reason to continue celebrating, I don’t know what is!

Church, this is amazing! What Jesus did over 2000 years ago, sealed in His precious blood, is really beyond words. And to think, it’s still rolling out.

Resurrection Sunday isn’t a story that “ended” with our Risen Lord. It’s a new beginning with our Risen Lord. Every day, a new beginning.

I hope that on this beautiful “day of celebration” of our precious Jesus, that you also take time to consider your part in the Resurrection story as it unfolds and unfolds.

Go ahead and be bold enough to ask the Father, “what’s my part?”

Then be bold enough to obey!

Resurrection Sunday … your new beginning!