Goodbye Fear

Well, my precious brothers and sisters in the Lord, I’m sad to say that this may be the last Daily Boost I post. If not the last, I know I'm close to the max I can share. The app software company I have built this app on, only allows 120 pages, and I’ve reached that number. I'll attempt to squeeze a few more in, but I'm not sure it will work.


Your Inheritance

Let’s get our focus completely off the things going on around us today, and instead point our antennas towards our inheritance. Our place of prosperity, provision and supernatural living! Our place of protection, health, peace, and wealth!


It's Not Worth It

Due to the current “Stay Home Stay Safe” order, most of you have been bundled up with your sweet “John Boy Walton” family, for quite some time now. You may be spending more time together now than you have in years. This unexpected happening may be a joyous bliss … or … it may feel like Pharaoh’s in the house and you’ve got one more night with the frogs (Exodus 8).


End-Time Vision

Today I’m going to go a different direction and share something that I really feel I’m supposed to share.


God is With You

Let’s turn our focus today to the presence of God. He is with you! He is with me! Hallelujah!


Our Nation

I hope that yesterday you declared the blood of Jesus over our nation and all the people. If you didn’t, I encourage you to go back and join your faith with the rest of us.


Blood of Jesus

Do you ever stop to think how powerful the Blood of Jesus is? Do you know that His Blood carries all the Power and Life that is in Jesus?



I'm going to give you some personalized scripture declarations today on the topic of DIRECTION.


Faith that Works

Well, I’m happy to “see” you came back to Daily Boost after I taught on HOLINESS. 😊


Holiness is God's Plan

Lately I’ve been talking quite a bit about revival, which of course would result from a mighty and powerful outpouring of the Spirit of God. Revival is on my heart because the Rapture is on my heart. I believe there will be an astounding “presence of God” Revival right before the catching away of the Church.



Let’s talk about healing today. Maybe you or someone you know has been believing for healing. Well, I think it’s time to receive! And I’m sure you agree!


Boldness Now

Today, let’s turn our focus completely to the amazing benefits, gifts, presence, and power that God has made available to us, for us, and through us. Because we are in Christ, these verses are stating who we are NOW and what we have NOW. Not later, but NOW.



I don’t want to dwell on a world-wide pandemic, but we have to admit, it sure has changed our lives. We’ve been forced by executive order to stay home (for the most part), for quite some time now. You’re likely either rejoicing over your “pj’s and bunny slippers” time, or you’re ready to lock one or more of your family members outside for the remainder of 2020.


Love, A Powerful Force

Did you know there is a powerful FORCE available to you as a believer? It’s called LOVE! And it only comes from God!


God's Promises to You

I'm a firm believer that we need to STOP using our mouth to give agreement to the PROBLEM.



I've heard multiple folks lately speak of being tired. I've even heard some speak of being emotionally wore down and tired. In times of uncertaintly, if we aren't keeping our focus on the things of God, it can be easier to slip into a place of depression or mild depression, which can weaken a person emotionally and physically.



Did you ever think you would wake up one day to a world pandemic? I know it wasn’t anything that ever crossed my mind. It has definitely been a time of uncertainty, and to many I’m sure it can feel like a time of hopelessness.


Joy in Any Situation

Are you overflowing with joy right now? Did you know you can be and even should be?


Still Reason to Celebrate

The amazing story of Jesus’ resurrection that we tell at Easter can sometimes sound like we’ve given a neat and tidy ending to a really challenging story. We share the details that led Jesus to the cross and then we nicely end our stories when we say, (and rightfully so), “Jesus raised from the dead! He’s alive! Hallelujah!”



I’ve been declaring and praying concerning the prophecy God gave us for 2020 (I have it at the end). If I look around at the world right now, I’d have to say that it sure doesn’t look like this prophecy is coming to pass. BUT … It isn’t over church! It’s still 2020! I still believe the voice of God and I still believe the written Word of God! And I know you do too!


Don't Give Up

Have you been believing for a breakthrough in a particular area of your life? Does your answer sometimes seem impossible? Well, don’t give up because I have some exciting news. A TRUTH from God’s word that will change everything!


Untouched by Evil

The next time you're tempted to think the devil has a right to touch you, or make you sick, or bring a virus on you, or do any harm to you ... turn instead to what God says, and then rejoice that you are already delivered from all darkness!